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Community Benefit

Pana Community Hospital has a rich tradition of providing benefit to the communities we serve. Our organization was established not because of economic opportunity, but rather because there was a need for health services in Pana and the surrounding area. Pana Community Hospital was born out of community need and continues that tradition today.

As a not-for-profit, community owned healthcare organization, we take the responsibility of caring for our patients very seriously. Our mission guides us as we provide services to the people in our service area regardless of their ability to pay. Pana Community Hospital provides important and meaningful resources to help ensure that those who are without health insurance or are not able to pay for their medical care receive the care they need when confronted with an illness or injury.


Through our healthcare assistance program, Pana Community Hospital provides financial assistance to patients unable to pay for their medical services. As part of this program, we have discounted over $89,000 in health care costs to qualifying patients.

Pana Community Hospital also contributes significant community benefits in uncompensated care to patients who are underinsured or are insured by public programs. The total amount of uncompensated care provided to these patients is over $940,000.


We also provide benefits to our community through various community service programs as well as health education and prevention initiatives such as:

  • Annual Adult and Children's Health Fairs
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Events
  • Complimentary Sports Medicine Clinics for Pana Junior High and High School athletes
  • Safe Sitter Babysitting classes
  • Clinical internships for students preparing to enter the health care field
  • Free monthly "Lunch, Learn & Live Well" presentations focused on health education

Pana Community Hospital continues its tradition of being a community benefit organization by assessing the needs of the communities we serve, partnering with community groups to strengthen existing community programs, planning for new needed services and striving to improve the overall health of the residents of our communities.