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The Big Digging Has Bugun

The Big Digging Has Bugun

October 2nd, 2017

It was an exciting week at Pana Community Hospital as the construction got into full swing on Phase I of the expansion project!  This phase of the project will create additional space for a new surgical suite, laboratory, diagnostic imaging, cardiopulmonary, materials management and new cafeteria.  

The construction crews worked on several projects this past week.  Power lines were removed from the back of the building and the oxygen tank was moved and relocated.  A home purchased by the hospital on Huber Street was also demolished.   With the power lines down and oxygen tank removed, crews were able to start digging the basement foundation of the new addition. 

Other work being conducted is the construction of huge rebar cages to be used to support the foundation.  Iron workers have been working tirelessly in the hot sun building over 20 structures so far.  The project will use 50+ rebar cages.

Pana Community Hospital would like to remind the public that Huber Street will be closed to thru traffic until the completion of Phase I of the project. 

 Photo Caption:
The oxygen tank located in the rear of Pana Community Hospital was relocated in order for crews to begin digging the basement of the addition.