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Quilters Donates to PCH

Quilters Donates to PCH

June 18th, 2018

"The Quilters Group at the United in Faith Church" donated 13 quilts to the Pana Community Hospital Emergency Department on May 18, 2018.  The blankets are given as a wonderful security gift in which children receiving care in the emergency department may be wrapped in and taken home with their family upon leaving.  PCH staff said these blankets are very much appreciated and a blessing to provide families.   


This community quilting group began in 2000 and currently has 9 members including Shirley Buescher, Gaile Garner, Jan McMillen, Chris Ober, Claudia Oller, Linda Parkinson, Deb Pastor, Kate Schloz and Louise Shippy-Rouse. For the past 18 years, quilters have donated more than 700 quilts.  The quilters are thankful to everyone who donates material and cash to purchase supplies needed to make the quilts. 


Through the years the group has made many quilts for wounded soldiers, residents at Nursing Homes, kids at Kemmerer Village and others.  Every quilt is dedicated to the Lord during a worship service. The mission of the organization is to use our talents given by God to help comfort someone in need or to honor those who serve. 


The quilting group sews every Monday evenings during the school year.  The group welcomes anyone interested in joining or wanting more information to call the United in Faith Church at 562-2571.  Pana Community Hospital is very thankful for the donation and appreciates the opportunity to provide this blessing to a child in need of comfort.



Photo Caption:

Louise Shippy-Rouse (left) of the quilters group is shown here giving 13 quilts to the Pana Community Hospital Emergency Department.  Melissa Rybolt, Marketing Manager of the hospital accepted the quilts on behalf of the hospital.