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Pinning Ceremony Honors Veteran Hospice Patients

Pinning Ceremony Honors Veteran Hospice Patients

July 10th, 2017

Quad County’s Hospice Veteran Volunteers have kicked-off their Hospice Veteran Pinning Ceremony,  a new feature of the Quad County Hospice “No Veteran Will Die Alone” Program.  Quad County serves Shelby, Christian, Fayette, and Montgomery counties.    The pinning ceremony will have Veteran Volunteers presenting the Veteran Hospice patient with an American Flag Veteran Pin and a Certificate of Appreciation. The certificate is from the We Honor Veterans Program,  The certificate states “We pay special tribute to you, for your military service to America and for advancing the universal hope of freedom and liberty for all.” Veteran families and friends are encouraged to join us in this memorable celebration.  If you are a Veteran and want to be a part of the “No Veteran Will Die Alone” program stop by Quad County’s office at 8 Huber St. or call  217-562-6380 and ask for Rachael Springate , Hospice Volunteer Coordinator. 


Quad County Hospice Veteran Volunteers pictured are:  Marilyn Ohmes, Mickey Clemons, Vice Commander of Post 168, Jack Moss, Chaplin for Post 168, Earl Baker, Commander of Sons of the American Legion, Richard Simms and Mark Denton.