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PCH Requests Homemade Masks

PCH Requests Homemade Masks

April 7th, 2020

Businesses and individuals of Pana and the surrounding communities have always come together in support of Pana Community Hospital, and during this turbulent time it is no different.  With a shortage of needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in healthcare facilities across the nation, residents have pulled together to help keep our workers safe and protected as they provide the care to combat this epidemic. 

The need for PPE has been circulating on social media platforms for several weeks.  Many businesses and individuals took that to heart and have donated many items – N-95 respirators, homemade masks, goggles, and gloves,  to name a few.  Debbie Culumber, PCH Radiologic Technologist, made a plea through Facebook asking for help with supplying hospital staff and other medical facilities in the area with masks.  The response to the plea has been nothing short of astounding!  People are working together buying and donating fabric, spending hours sewing, and searching their own reserves for N-95 masks that are used often in the farming industry.   

PCH Hospital staff has also seen the incredible care and appreciation of our community through delivery of meals, donuts and snacks and just words of praise and encouragement.  The staff at PCH, as well as all medical staff across the nation, is overcome with everyone’s generosity and willingness to help out. 

Pana Community Hospital would like to request that the community continue to make the homemade masks as we are currently using up our supply very quickly.  These masks are serving several purposes in our hospital and clinics including the following:  use for patients that do not present COVID-19 symptoms, use by non-clinical staff and use to be placed over clinician’s N-95 respirator to provide extended use of the N-95.  The hospital is suggesting (but not requiring) that the masks have an open pocket at the top.  Due to elastic shortage, masks with a tie back can be used.    

Anyone that is donating masks and are uncertain how to get the masks to Pana Community Hospital may drop off the masks at the hospital’s back door between the hours of 7:00am-4:00pm.  There is a tote at the back entrance for homemade masks or any other PPE which the public would like to donate.  If you have questions, please call 217-562-6379. 

Time and time again our community has supported the needs of our hospital.  This is another time we could use your assistance and please know you are a blessing to those that are working the front lines to keep your community safe.