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PCH Opens Wound Clinic

PCH Opens Wound Clinic

October 14th, 2020

Dr. Leslie Anewenah and Pana Community Hospital are pleased to announce the opening of a Wound Clinic at Pana Community Hospital.  The first clinic will be Wednesday, October 14 in the hospital’s Specialty Clinic Suite 103. Clinics will be offered the second and fourth Wednesday of the month from 1:00-5:00 pm. 

The Wound Clinic will provide comprehensive wound healing therapies that are aimed at reducing patients’ healing times, improving healing rates, and preventing possible limb loss.  “We are very excited to bring this service to our local community.  Many of our patients have had to travel out of town for wound care,” stated Trina Casner, President and CEO of Pana Community Hospital.  “We are thankful Dr. Anewenah is able to provide this new service locally.”

Dr. Leslie Anewenah has been providing care at PCH for the past year as a General/Colorectal Surgeon every Monday and now brings another expertise to PCH’s list of services.  “I look forward to being in Pana a few more times a month to see patients needing wound care.  We will provide advance wound care therapies for all kinds of non-healing and difficult-to-heal wounds,” stated Dr. Anewenah.

Wound care involves every stage of wound management from diagnosing wound types to prescribing the proper treatment.  Treatment is important to avoid serious complications, which if left untreated, could lead serious infections or limb loss.  Patients who have recently experienced surgery may have wounds that are not healing properly and require specialized care to avoid infection.  Other wounds may include burns or diabetic foot ulcers.  Whatever the reason for the wound, treatment and care is now an option at Pana Community Hospital.  Anyone wanting to make an appointment for the Wound Clinic may call PCH at 562-6238.