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PCH Hosts High School to Health Care

PCH Hosts High School to Health Care

March 1st, 2019

Pana Community Hospital kicked off its’ new program “High School to Health Care” on Thursday, February 21st.  Eight students from Pana High School began the inaugural 9-week program designed to educate interested high school student in the various health care careers available at their local hospital.  Students in the program will have the opportunity job shadow professionals at Pana Community Hospital in a variety of settings to learn more about careers in health care.

Students participating in the program will gain insight into the various types of jobs in health care, understand the requirements to pursue a career in those professions, and learn how each profession is a critical part of patient care.

The 9-week course is free to a limited number of students who interviewed for the opportunity to participate in the program.  Students enrolled in the program are juniors and seniors who have expressed an interested in pursuing a career in health care.  Professions that will be reviewed in the course include:  Laboratory Science, Radiology, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation Services (Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy), Nursing (Emergency & Medical/Surgical), Information Technology, Behavioral Health and Respiratory Therapy. 

“We are excited to offer our local high school students an opportunity to see the variety of opportunities available in health care,” stated Trina Casner, CEO of Pana Community Hospital.  “We hope that by allowing students to job shadow in their hometown rural hospital, it will spark an interest in a career in health care and possibly some of these students will come back as employees of our hospital.”