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PCH Hosts Annual Meeting

PCH Hosts Annual Meeting

May 1st, 2017

Pana Community Hospital Board of Directors and the Foundation Board held their annual meeting on Tuesday, April 25th.  Carol Schramm, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, shared her appreciation to the Pana Community Hospital in her opening remarks.  “We have the Best of the Best here at Pana Community Hospital,” stated Schramm.  “I have had the opportunity to not only serve on the Board of Directors, but also have been a patient this past year at PCH.  We are blessed to have this hospital and I have never received better care anywhere.”  Schramm also praised the hospital’s Bridge to Home Program and gave her thanks to all the employees that make PCH an asset to our community.


Trina Casner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pana Community Hospital welcomed all board members, staff and guests to the 2017 Annual Meeting.  Casner stated she has now been serving as President and CEO for five years and stated; “what an exciting ride it has been!”  Casner looked back on all the exciting accomplishments PCH achieved over the past 5 years and announced the exciting things PCH hopes to see in the near future. Casner announced that PCH is building for the local community’s future by continuing plans to expand the hospital’s physical facility.  Pana Community Hospital awaits approval from the State of Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board to be able to proceed with the project. 


Dr. Terry Cunnington is now serving as the new Medical Staff President.  He is replacing Dr. Alan Frigy, who retired in 2016 and served as Medical Staff President for over 10 years.  “I have big shoes to fill but I am honored to follow Dr. Frigy as Medical Staff President,” stated Cunnington.  2016 was an exciting year for the medical staff as they welcomed two new physicians and one new nurse practitioner to the list of providers.  Dr. Dennis Yap joined the Pana Medical Group and Dr. Shabaz Mohammad joined the Community Medical Clinic as well as Tabitha Litz to PMG as Nurse Practitioner.  This past year Pana Community Hospital was fortunate to affiliate with Pana Medical Group and welcome them as part of the PCH family.  PCH now has 8 practicing family physicians and 4 nurse practitioners!


Other highlights in 2016 included the addition of Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Youssef El Bitar.  Both El Bitar and Scott Matz, Urologist has added additional clinic days due to their successful patient following at PCH.  Laurie Dobrinich, a licensed social worker, has been a great asset to the medical clinics and Quad County offering mental health services.  PCH has also witnessed the growth of the hospitalist program, directed by Dr. Asuncion.  Lastly, the Community Medical Clinic has been working on implementing the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) project in which physicians and staff work on teams to increase productivity, accessibility, safety and quality care for patients of the clinic. 


Kirk Woods, Foundation Board Chairman gave a report on the successful year that the Foundation had.  Thanks to our generous community, the Foundation raised almost $213,000 for the 3D Mammography campaign and the year end appeal generated $30,000 in funds which was donated to the surgical department to be used for surgical equipment.  It was also announced that a farm that was left to PCH Foundation in 2003 had been sold for a cost of $460,000.  This money will be used for the Master Facilities Plan in the coming year.


Rachael Flesch-Springate gave a report for the Auxiliary and thanked the 50 active volunteers who currently serve our hospital.  The 2016 holiday bazaar rose over $4600 and the 2017 date is set for Saturday, November 11, 2017.


Rick Schmitz, Chairman of the Bylaws Review & Nominating Committee reviewed with the attendees recommended updates to the Association’s Bylaws.  All updates were approved as presented.


Other business at the board meeting included the announcement of new board members.  Retiring from the board of directors are Joyce Throneburg and John Gardner.  New members to the Board of Directors are Judge David Slater and Kenneth Flesch.  Matt Beavers was elected to a second term on the Board of Directors. The Foundation Board of Directors re-appointed three members to another term.  Those members include:  Vicky Gullion, George Heintz and Mark Kirkbride.  A gift of appreciation was presented to Joyce Throneburg for her service to the Board of Directors.  Joyce served on the board for 8 years. 


Photo caption:
Kenneth Flesch (left) and Judge David Slater (right) were elected to the Pana Community Hospital Board of Directors at the hospital’s annual meeting.