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PCH Front Entrance Closes March 11

PCH Front Entrance Closes March 11

March 10th, 2019

Phase II of the Pana Community Hospital Building Project has now begun.  Beginning Monday, March 11 the front entrance to Pana Community Hospital will be closed!  Renovations to the existing hospital as well as breaking ground in front of the hospital will begin on that morning.  This will require the closure of the front entrance as well as the main Emergency Department entrance and the front Medical Mall entrance. 

Pana Community Hospital will provide a temporary entrance into the hospital during the expected six months of construction.  During this time, patients and visitors will enter the hospital at the Southwest rear entrance.  Community Medical Clinic and Specialty Clinic patients may enter on the east side of the Medical Mall near the MRI.  Emergency Department walk-in patients can utilize the ambulance entrance.

Patient parking will be located in the new Emergency Parking in front of the Emergency Room, in the back of the hospital, the West parking lot or near the MRI on the east side of the hospital.  Parking areas for patients will be clearly marked.

Volunteers will be located at the temporary entrances in the medical mall and the rear entrance to help assist patients and visitors and escort them to where they need to go within the hospital.  “We want this transition to be easy for our customers.  Volunteers and staff are willing to assist our patients and visitors by personally escorting them to where they need to go and hopefully eliminating confusion,” stated Carol Chandler, Director of Business Development.

Pana Community Hospital appreciates everyone’s patience and understanding as we renovate and expand to better serve our communities.