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PCH Foundation Pledges $1.5 to Building Project

PCH Foundation Pledges $1.5 to Building Project

November 27th, 2017

It is the biggest building project Pana Community Hospital has undertaken since the 1970’s and construction has begun!  It is a very exciting time for the hospital and now that the project has started, a Steering Committee has been chosen to conduct a Capital Campaign to raise funds to help offset costs of the project. 


At the groundbreaking ceremony held in August, the Pana Community Hospital Foundation Board pledged to raise $1,500,000 over a two year period in support of this historic expansion project. On November 9th, the Capital Campaign Steering Committee, Foundation Board members, and special guests from Delta Theta Tau Sorority and Peoples Bank & Trust met for the first time to discuss the project and set goals.  Members of the committee include:   Committee Co-chairman Vicky Gullion, Joyce Morgan and Dick Lees; Community Chairman Cindy Hancock (Nokomis and Oconee), Carol Schramm and Ron McMillen (Pana) Joyce Throneburg (Assumption), and Mary Ann Rhoades (Ramsey); Physician Co-Chairman Dr. Marlon Muneses and Dr. Shabaz Mohammad; Hospital Family Chairmen Jean Applegate, Mollie Beyers, and Stephanie Anderson; Major/Corporate Gifts John Livesay; Financial Assistance Chad Sutton; and Fundraising Committee Kim Rodgers, Gayle McRoberts, Melissa Rybolt, Carol Chandler, Deb Stalets and Cheryl Swenny.  


Kim Rodgers, Foundation Executive Director, stated, “Throughout its history, Pana Community Hospital has been blessed with people in our community and surrounding areas willing to support our hospital’s efforts.  I am confident that the Foundation, with the support of area citizens, will be able to reach our goal of improving and enhancing our services and maintaining the highest level of care possible.”  Rodgers shared with the committee statistics of the last fundraising efforts of the hospital and pointed out that the group exceeded the amount needed each time.  The last Capital Campaign conducted was in 2009 to raise $500,000 for the Rehab/Wellness Center.


Karen Kerr and Terry Schafer of Peoples Bank & Trust of Pana attended the meeting to make a pledge from the bank of $50,000!  The Bank will provide these funds in five annual installments beginning in December 2017.


Other special guests at the meeting included Jan McMillen and Linda Dressen, members of Delta Theta Tau sorority.   McMillen presented a plan on how the sorority plans to help in the fundraising project.  Members of Delta Theta Tau will reach out to the graduating classes from Pana High School to ask for support.  McMillen stated; “many PHS alumni have moved away but still have a heart to help our local hospital.  Some classmates also have family members that live in the area who use our hospital.” McMillen said the sorority plans to contact PHS alumni and make a competition between the various graduating classes to see which class can raise the most money towards the project.  The winning class will have a small plaque in the new addition of the hospital.   


The $20.1 million expansion project includes an addition of over 30,000 square feet to the back and front of Pana Community Hospital and will be constructed in two phases.  Phase one of the project includes a new 3 story building attached to the back of the hospital.  Crews have worked throughout the summer and hope to be pouring the foundation in the next week.  Phase I of the project is expected to be completed in August of 2018. 


Photo Caption:

Pictured are some members of the Pana Community Hospital Capital Campaign Steering Committee:  (front) Gayle McRoberts, Cheryl Swenny, Cindy Hancock, Jan McMillen, Ron McMillen, Carol Schramm, and Deb Stalets;  (back) Linda Dressen, Selena Reed, Vicky Gullion, Carol Chandler, Chad Sutton, Dick Lees, Joyce Morgan and Kirk Woods.

Steering committee members not in photo include:  Joyce Throneburg, Mary Ann Rhoades, Dr. Muneses, Dr. Mohammad, Jean Applegate, Mollie Beyers, Stephanie Anderson, and John Livesay.