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MRI Caring Suite Now Open

MRI Caring Suite Now Open

April 25th, 2023

Pana Community Hospital’s In-House MRI Caring Suite is now open and patient scheduling in the new suite is underway.  As the suite has become fully operational, it was time to say good-bye to the mobile unit that has been at PCH for at least two decades.   

RayUs Medical (formerly Insight Imaging) has served Pana Community Hospital well, providing reliable imaging services for many years.  The mobile unit was located at the end of PCH’s medical mall.  Now that the mobile unit is gone, this will allow additional space to expand the Medical Mall in the future.  Plans are being developed to expand the building to add much needed clinic space for specialists.   

In late February of 2023, IDPH gave its’ final approval for the MRI suite to open. After staff training, the room was ready for patient scheduling.   The GE magnet is a 3 Tesla (or 3T) which is the strength of the magnet.  The scans offer extremely detailed images which are especially useful to the Orthopedic surgeons that now offer joint replacement including hip, knee, and shoulder replacement surgeries at PCH.  “During the decision-making process, we asked our specialty physicians and providers what technical features would best suit their needs.  With the physician’s input and collaboration, we selected the highest quality imaging to best serve our patients,” stated Cindy Miles Diagnostic Imaging Director.   

The aesthetically designed suite offers both visual and audio components to comfort those who are apprehensive about being scanned.  Patients can choose the type of music, lighting, and images that appear on screens located in the ceiling and on the portable television.  The spacious room and wide bore scanner opening paired with the visual and audio options make the Caring Suite one of the best MRI suites in our area.