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Groundbreaking Celebration

Groundbreaking Celebration

August 24th, 2017

Pana Community Hospital will be celebrating their building project with a Groundbreaking Ceremony and the public is invited to attend.  The ceremony will take place on Thursday, August 10th beginning at 3:00 pm under white tents located on the front lawn of Pana Community Hospital.  A reception will immediately follow the program with Josh Holland providing musical entertainment.  Due to limited parking, additional parking is available at the Pana High School southeast rock lot.  Central Illinois Transit will be providing shuttle service for our guests to and from the hospital. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for the public to learn about the building project, see artist renderings of what the hospital will look like, and floor plans of the expanded areas.  Pana Community Hospital has been working closely with Farnsworth Group, an architect/engineering firm, and O’Shea Builders on the project.  The building project is the largest expansion to Pana Community Hospital since the 1970’s.  Over 30,000 square feet will be added to the back and front of the hospital and will be designed in two phases.

Phase I of the proposed project will create additional space for a new surgical suite, laboratory, diagnostic imaging, cardiopulmonary, materials management and dietary departments.  Phase II of the proposed project will create additional space for an urgent care, improve access to the hospital building, and provide a contemporary waiting area with private registration offices. 

Pana Community Hospital received final approval from the State of Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board in May.  With this required stamp of approval from the review board, Pana Community Hospital was given the green light to proceed with the project.  This expansion will greatly improve the physical plant and facilities allowing us to continue to positively impact the area population’s health status and well-being.

The building project is expected to last approximately 18 months and cost an estimated $20.1 million dollars. 

Photo Caption:
An artist rendering demonstrates what the front of Pana Community Hospital will look like after the building project is complete.  The public is encouraged come to the groundbreaking celebration on August 10th where they can view more photos and floor plans of the project.