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EXCEL Sports Enhancement Now Available

EXCEL Sports Enhancement Now Available

June 18th, 2018

Athletes need to be in top condition to perform well in their specific sport.  Pana Community Hospital’s Excel Sports Enhancement Program is once again available to athletes that want to improve their skills and capabilities.  The program can also be designed for athletes rehabilitating from an injury.  This is the sixth year the Rehab Center has offered this program to athletes. 

The goal of the Excel Sports Enhancement program is to assist the athlete in increasing their level of function, improve physical fitness and develop and enhance skills specific to the desired sport.  Athletes will find the program very useful to get into the top condition that their specific sport requires.  The Excel Sports Enhancement Program is provided by rehabilitation professionals including Pana Community Hospital’s Doctor of Physical Therapy, Bryce Fortner and Athletic Trainer Drew Casner. 

Shania Schoonover participated in the Excel program last summer with a goal to increase her performance level in the many sports she participates in which includes volleyball, basketball, soccer and track.  “Since I am involved in so many sports, I thought this was a great opportunity for me to enhance my skills,” stated Schoonover.  “Our doctor recommended the program to help increase my strength and possibly prevent injuries in the future.”  Schoonover was pleased with the results which showed improvement in her broad jump by 4”, a 6” improvement in her one leg hop, and an 1½” improvement in her vertical jump. 

Injured athletes also use the program to bridge from skilled care to guided exercise and high-level drills before returning to a sport.  This is an excellent program that helps bring an injured athlete back to their sport in the best possible condition. 

The Excel Sports Enhancement Program is offered now through August 10th.  The program includes 12 -1 hour sessions.  The first session includes an assessment and identification of the athlete’s goals for the program.  Sessions will be limited to 2 participants per hour and scheduled between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.  Participants joining the program following an injury must provide a release from the treating physician indicating the athlete is “fit” for the program.  Athletes may also be asked to provide medical records concerning the injury for review. 

To find out more information or register for the program call the Rehab/Wellness Center at 562-6328.