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Blankets Donated to Hospice for Vets

Blankets Donated to Hospice for Vets

July 26th, 2018

Giving back to our veterans is a mission that Quad County Hospice has been doing with their “No Veteran Will Die Alone” program.   Rachael Springate, Volunteer Coordinator spoke to the Oconee American Legion Auxiliary Unit #317 members on March 8th with the Auxiliary making and donating six (6) Army tie- blankets with a matching pillow. Each blanket is prayed over by the makers of the blankets to bring comfort and peace for the hospice veteran receiving the blanket.   It took two (2) days to complete the six (6) blankets and this was under the direction of Marilyn Ohmes who has been a volunteer with Quad County Hospice over a year now. It took fourteen (14) ladies to make these blankets nine of them are Auxiliary members and five of them are from the Pana High School Class of 1969. All funds are donated to the Auxiliary through bake sales and private donations. If you want to join in the help for our veterans please call Quad County Hospice at 217-562-6380 and speak with Rachael Springate, Volunteer Coordinator.  Volunteer blanket makers were: American Legion Auxiliary Members. Cheryl Tedrick, Emma Dilly,

Amber Litton, Chris Cothern, Betty Smith, Chrisy VanUytven, Donna Small and

Barb Jones.    Pana High School Class of 1969, Georgia Culumber,  Brenda Beyers,

Janice Punches, Molly Smalley and Pam Hebert.    


Picture:  Rachael Springate, Betty Smith, Christy VanUytven, Chris Cothern and Cheryl Tedrick