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Auxiliary Bazaar Offers Unique Items

Auxiliary Bazaar Offers Unique Items

November 2nd, 2017

The Pana Community Hospital Auxiliary Holiday Bazaar is always a great event to start your Christmas shopping and find holiday decorations for your home.  This year over 50 vendors will be at the Bazaar and offer local business owners a place to showcase their products.  The event will take place at the Pana Junior High School on Saturday, November 11 from 9:00am-1:00pm.   

A unique vendor that is new to the Bazaar is 16 year old Meredith Culberson who will be selling homemade soaps and lotion made from goat’s milk.  Meredith is a young entrepreneur who lives just outside Pana on a small farm with her parents, Tom and Brita Culberson and 5 siblings.  Meredith raises her own goats and currently has 12.  She has two goats in which she milks herself! 

The process to make soaps isn’t difficult but can be time consuming.  After milk is gathered from the goats it is frozen and added to lye.  Other ingredients including lard, coconut oil, and olive oil are melted then added to the mixture before pouring into molds.  The soap must cure for 4 weeks before completed.  Meredith has several varieties of soap to offer customers including Jasmine, Lavender, Honey Oat and unscented.  Another variety of soap is made with coffee grounds which is a perfect soap to scrub your hands with when attempting to remove odors such as onion.  The homemade soaps are very cost effective, naturally made and last longer than a regular bar of soap.  

Meredith also makes lotions using the goat’s milk and offers unscented, Jasmine and Lavender lotions.  The milk used for lotions is mixed with emulsifying wax, coco butter, shea butter, glycerin, and sweet almond oil to provide a soft natural lotion for dry hands.  

Meredith is not the only entrepreneur in the Culberson family.  Her brother sells eggs and another sibling is raising honey bees and hopes to sell honey in the future. 

Meredith Culberson is pictured here with her sister Ruthanna and one of the goats in which she milks to make soaps and lotions made from the milk.  Meredith will be selling her homemade soaps and lotion at the upcoming Pana Community Hospital Auxiliary Bazaar.  

Below:   Meredith and Ruthanna display the soaps prepared to sell at the Bazaar.